Mentor List

Faculty members and private dental practitioners who have agreed to serve as CAT mentors are named in the CAT Mentors file.  The listing indicates their general area of expertise.  CAT mentors review student written CATs and guide students to write a CAT that is publishable in the online CAT Library.  Faculty Mentors are considered co-authors of the CATs.  As in the supervision of patient care, the faculty are ultimately responsible for the quality and accuracy of the CAT.                                         

Bennett Amaechi
Dental Caries, Anti-caries Agents, Caries Detection & Dental Erosion
E-mail: Amaechi@uthscsa.edu

Ravikumar R. Anthony
Email: AnthonyR@uthscsa.edu

Conception A Barboza
Dental Implants
E-mail: BarbozaArgue@uthscsa.edu

Brent Callegari
E-mail: Callegari@uthscsa.edu

Maria Jose Cervantes Mendez
 Pediatric Dentistry
Email: CervantesMen@uthscsa.edu

Suman Challa
 Preventive Dentistry, Dental Public Health & Access to Care
Email: challas@uthscsa.edu

Patricia Yong-Hee Chun
 Periodontics, Periodontal Regeneration & Tooth Development
Email: ChunY@uthscsa.edu

Joseph Connor
Operative Dentistry
Email: connorj@uthscsa.edu

David Cox
General Dentistry/ Clinical Questions
Email: CoxD@uthscsa.edu

Anibal Diogenes
Email: DIOGENES@uthscsa.edu

Kevin J. Donly
Email: DONLY@uthscsa.edu

Edward Ellis, III
Oral Surgery
Email: ellise3@uthscsa.edu

Mosh Farokhi
General Dentistry
Email: farokhi@uthscsa.edu

Cara B. Gonzales
Oral Cancer & Pain Management
Email: gonzalesc5@uthscsa.edu

Adriana Green
 General Dentistry
Email: greenav@uthscsa.edu

Georgiana Gross
 Nutrition & Oral Health
Email: GROSSG@uthscsa.edu

Gary F. Guest
Information Technology
Email: GUESTG@uthscsa.edu

Kevin M. Gureckis
 Restorative Dentistry, Minimal Invasive Dentistry, Caries Dx+Tx
Email: gureckis@uthscsa.edu

Kenneth Hargreaves
Endodontics & Pain Mechanisms
Email: HARGREAVES@uthscsa.edu

Jeffrey L. Hicks
 Medical Compromise, Hospital Dentistry, IV Sesation & Anesthesia
Email: HicksJ@uthscsa.edu

Mary Jacks
Dental Hygiene & Perio
Email: JACKS@uthscsa.edu

Joann D. Jordan
Email: JORDANJ@uthscsa.edu

Robert A. Kaminski
General Dentistry
Email: kaminskiR@uthscsa.edu

Francis Lam
Email: lamF@uthscsa.edu

E. Matthew Lamb
Email: LambEM@uthscsa.edu

David Lasho
Email: LASHO@uthscsa.edu

Kelly C. Lemke
General Dentistry
Email: LemkeK@uthscsa.edu

Robert Lemke
Oral Surgery
Email: robertlemke@mac.com

Mark Littlestar
General Dentistry
Email: littlestarm@uthscsa.edu

Juanita Lozano-Pineda
 Medically Compromised Patient Care/Preventive Dentistry Risk Assessment
Email: pinedaj@uthscsa.edu

Ernest Luce
General Dentistry
Email: luceE@uthscsa.edu

Barbara MacNeil
General Dentistry
Email: macneill@uthscsa.edu

H. Stanley McGuff
Pathology/Head & Neck Cancer
Email: MCGUFF@uthscsa.edu

Brian Mealey
Email: mealey@uthscsa.edu

Carol A. Nguyen
Dental Hygiene
Email: NguyenC@uthscsa.edu

Erica Oliveira
General Dentistry, Tooth Wear, Pros & Perio Interface
Email: OLIVEIRAE@uthscsa.edu

Rita Renee Parma
 Restorative Dentistry & Composites
Email: PARMA@uthscsa.edu

Daniel Perez
Oral Surgery
Email: perezd5@uthscsa.edu

William Pierpont
 General Dentistry & Operative
Email: Pierpont@uthscsa.edu

Nuala B. Porteous
Dental Public Health & Infection Control
Email: porteous@uthscsa.edu

William F. Rose, Jr.
 General Dentistry, Esthetics, Perio-Rest Interface, Black Triangle & Wear
Email: ROSEW@uthscsa.edu

Ridley O. Ross
General Dentistry
Email: rossr@uthscsa.edu

John D. Rugh
 Behavioral Sciences/Bruxism, TMD & Science Transfer
Email: RUGH@uthscsa.edu

Nikita Ruparel
Email: Ruparel@uthscsa.edu

Vidya Sankar
Oral Medicine, Oral Mucosa Disease, Dry Mouth & Sjogren’s Syndrome
Email: SankarV@uthscsa.edu

David Senn
 Forensic Dentistry
Email: SENN@uthscsa.edu

Gregory K. Spackman
 Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/Anesthesia & Medicine (Emergency)
Email: SPACKMAN@uthscsa.edu

Diane Sullivan
 General Dentistry
Email: SullivanD@uthscsa.edu

Melanie Taverna
Geriatric Oral Health
Email: TAVERNA@uthscsa.edu

Karen Troendle
 General Dentistry/Dental Materials
Email: TROENDLE@uthscsa.edu

Christina Tyson
Librarian – Senior

Tam Van
 Geriatrics/Medical Conditions & Medicine Impact on Dental Treatment
Email: Van@uthscsa.edu

Ronald G. Verrett
Comprehensive Dentistry
Email: VERRETT@uthscsa.edu

Jack Vizuete
 Oral Surgery
Email: VizueteJ@uthscsa.edu

Kyumin Whang
 Anti-microbial Resins, Dental Materials, Color & Mechanical Properties
Email: WHANG@uthscsa.edu

Edward F. Wright
 TMD & Occlusion
Email: wrighte2@uthscsa.edu

Chih-Ko Yeh
Oral Medicine, Geriatrics, Saliva & Salivary Gland
Email: YEH@uthscsa.edu

Luis C. Yepes
Endodontics/General Dentistry
Email: yepes@uthscsa.edu