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The overarching goal of the Evidence-Based Practice Program at San Antonio is to provide our graduates with life-long learning skills that will enable them to keep up-to-date and equip them with the best patient care skills during their 30-40 years of practice. Dental students and residents are taught to (1) ask focused clinical questions, (2) search the biomedical research literature for the most recent and highest level of evidence, (3) critically evaluate the evidence and (4) make clinical judgments about the applicability of the evidence for their patients. Students must demonstrate competency with these "just-in-time" learning skills through writing a concise one-page Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) on focused clinical questions. The school has established an online searchable library of these Critically Appraised Topics. This library provides students and faculty with rapid, up-to-date evidence-based answers to clinical questions. This online library is available to practitioners and the public.